People redecorate their living room routinely. Some others redecorate their living room only when they get bored with their interior design. If you’re ready to redecorate your own we’d like to remind you not to make any mistake in redecorating living room interior. Keep reading our living room furniture ideas below and you’ll find out how gorgeous your new living room is. So, when you’re going to rearrange your living room furniture you must watch the entryways. Always keep your entryways clear. Don’t put your couch or even plant in front of the entryways. More clearance in your entryways will make your living room feels more welcoming for your guests.

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Second guide in rearranging living room furniture ideas is applying three feet rule. You must provide walking space about three feet around your living room. Three feet of space will keep you walk comfortably around your living room without bumping into the walls and knocking into your furniture. All furniture with drawers or doors must get three feet of the space to properly open. About the furniture itself, if you’re used to push them up against your living room walls, it is time to let them float. Pull your seating like sectional or sofa or chair out about twelve inches from your living room walls.

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Pulling your seating out from your living room walls will make your space looks cozier and more inviting. This way works better in bigger living room. If your living room is spacious pulling your seating up against your living room walls will create dead space right in the middle of the room. Third of living room furniture ideas is how to complement your living room furniture with rugs. Do you have area rug? If so, then you must try situating the entire seating and make sure all legs are completely off or on of the rug.

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You must make sure that you don’t let the entire legs wobble. Avoid positioning your rugs so the corners and edges will be in major walkways. That way will avoid people to trip when they are walking around your living room. Next, watch out your living room lighting. If you’re going to place table lamp in your living room, make sure that the lampshades are not too big. If the lampshades are too big they will poke someone in eye. Too big lampshades will also get knocked over.

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Watch the extension and electrical cords of your table lamps or floor lamps. Make sure you place them carefully so nobody will trip over the cords when they’re walking across your living room. If you’re going to install pendant lamp in your living room, make sure the height is properly arranged. Some people install their pendant lamp so low over their coffee table. Just make sure anyone won’t hit your pendant lamp with their head when they will sit or leave your seating. Keep those things above in your mind and you’ll be able to redecorate your living room successfully while keeping anyone safe.

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