When we decided to get a marble tile bathroom floor, then there will be a few things to consider. Marble is one of the choices of material that is able to present an impression of elegance and luxury that has been used by many homeowners since antiquity. We will find there are several choices of sizes, colors and different finish to marble floor tiles when searching through multiple sources. In addition comes with an elegant and luxurious, we will also find a number of other advantages, including no need for some complex care and maintenance. Nevertheless, we must understand that marble is a porous material with a surface that is susceptible to damage caused by stains and spills will thus be necessary seal any right to clog pores in the marble and creates an invisible layer on the top. Here are a few things we need to consider when deciding to get a marble tile bathroom floor.

marble tile bathroom floor slippery.

Bathroom Marble Tiles Flooring. The costliest appearance material, marbled provides a sleek, classic addressing for flooring. It comes in a variety of colors and may have whether polished or even satin complete. Marble will be durable but could be slippery when damp, so think twice before using it in or around bathrooms and tubs. You can purchase pebble in huge, thin foundations or in smaller sized tiles. Slab marble is difficult to install, and its particular weight may need reinforcing the structure beneath. Check with a professional prior to you buying marble.

marble tile bathroom floor slippery
(1) Acid stains – as it is known, is alkaline, which means marble base in an acid base relationship. Thus we find that when there are acids that fell on the marble floor that is not treated, it will occurs chemical reaction that in turn will produce a permanent color change on the marble. When we decided to get a marble tile floor, then be sure not to use acid-based cleaning solutions.
marble hex tile bathroom floor
(2) Slip resistance – this is one of the things that concern when we decided to present marble tile bathroom floor. As is known, the bathroom is a room that is susceptible to damp and moist, while the marble did not have enough traction to prevent slips.

(3) Physical damage – although marble is a type of material that is very hard, but this is actually a fairly soft material that can be easily damaged due to a number of reasons ranging from cracks, and others.
carrera marble bathroom floor tile
If we apply the proper care during the installation process, then we could have prevented the damage to some extent, by making sure that we do not create gaps in the thin set under the tiles which can create weak air pockets which would be catastrophic in the future for sure would not we want at all. In addition to considering some of the above for marble tile bathroom floor, we also must consider the amount of costs that we will incur. For per square foot, we can cost between $ 3 up to $ 20 which makes it as one of the natural stone flooring options the price is quite expensive. In addition, when we choose a tile with a larger size, it will be more expensive costs will we spend on per square foot. When we get marble tile with a number of price cuts, make sure that the stores offer a refund policy on the material if it is cracks or other damage.

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